Big update!

Book news, tour news, album news, and a special one-off concert.

The next week should be a big one for #BuskEngland. It’s starting to morph into a new phase. I’ve got a meeting on Wednesday with a publisher who has offered me terms on a publishing contract for the book, which is tremendously exciting.

The book and album are scheduled to be released in May. I’ve begun booking tour dates for May and June 2020 with 8 venues so far confirmed, and will try to get to as many of the places I’ve visited as I can. Please contact me if you’d like to put on a show in your area. The show is very flexible, and I’m game for most ideas!

I’m also going to be making a small podcast series to promote the tour, mixing readings from the book with music from the album. For the readings, I’ve booked the Guide Bridge Theatre in Ashton for Friday 27th September 2019 so that they can be recorded with a live audience. I’ve found from the test shows I’ve done so far that people really respond well to readings from the blog, and I believe that working with a live audience brings out the best in me. I’ve been asked by a few people if there could be an audio book version. That’s probably beyond me at this stage, but hopefully the podcast will go some way towards fulfilling this request.

This really will be a special one-off show, and I’d very much appreciate your support for it. You can book tickets here.

Tickets are £10 standard, or £3 if you’re skint. No questions asked. I really want a full room! The money will go to producing the podcast and paying the engineers, with any surplus going towards funding the album. If you’re coming, let me know if you have any favourites you’d like me to perform.

As for the album, I’ll be working again with the incredible Norwegian mandola player, Marit Fält, this time as a duo, creating a series of soundscapes to support the book. There’ll be a lot more on this part of the project later.

I’m also considering a kickstarter, primarily so I can pay the rent whilst I write the manuscript and record the album this autumn. I’m not funded by anyone other than you, the reader, and the generous people who put coins in my case. Other than the obvious things like pre-orders, if you can think of anything you’d like to see included in the kickstarter campaign, let me know.

Finally, there are a couple of chances to see me perform some of this material during the summer.

2nd August near Ashby in Leicestershire

19th August at ‘Pebbles’ in Watchet

As well as the theatre show mentioned above on September 27th.

I’m also doing a couple of private shows, including one as an after dinner speaker for a supper club! This project really has opened up a few new doors. I like dinner.

Although I’m moving more into producing the final product, still have a number of trips left to make. I’ve been to Widnes and Runcorn, and will be posting a blog on that trip very soon. I’ve got plans to busk in Welwyn Garden City and Watchet in next few weeks, and intend to visit Hull, the Potteries, Leicester, and a couple of other places before I finish. It’s not too late to tempt me towards adding another place to that list!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen so far. There have been so many people who have offered somewhere to stay, a meal, good local advice, or chipped into the cost of doing it. The sense of being supported by so many people all over the country, many of whom I hardly know, has been invaluable, and has really encouraged me to believe it’s something well worth doing. Thank you.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. My ‘Busk England’ project is entirely funded by what I make as I travel round. If you’ve enjoyed it, and would like to support me as I do this, please consider making a paypal tip to or through the button in the archive – link here.

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Treat it as you would a busker — a few coins in the hat all add up. Everything I get from this will be put back into the project. Ta!


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