Project Update

I’m delighted to announce that I have been awarded an Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant to take this all forward. This will mean I can bring Marit Fält along with me on the tour next year, as well as supporting the costs of publicising the project, and engaging noted writer Paul Sullivan as a consultant towards structuring the book. In short, delivering this is now my full time work, and I have no distractions. I’m in a tremendously fortuitous position.

My aim is to sort an 18 date tour for the album in May/June, with a few summer festivals thereafter. I’ve booked around a dozen dates already. I’ve got a few solo dates coming in too for other parts of the year, and have also now arranged an album/book launch for April. Details of these shows will be put up here in the forthcoming weeks.

If you have any ideas of places you’d like to see the tour come through, please get in touch. I’ve already booked the show into venues ranging through house concerts, folk clubs, village halls, arts centres, and festivals. It really can work anywhere.

The book is well on the way now, and has come together really nicely. I’ve spent the week working with Paul Sullivan to structure the text and create a continuity that previously felt somewhat lacking. I’ve really benefitted from his experience and ability to oversee the whole text, and it’s been a lot of fun too. I’m not used to working from home! Surely I’m supposed to drive 150 miles before I do any work?

The album is roughly planned out, and following further rehearsals with Marit next week, will be recorded in early December. I have booked a chapel in the Peak District to do this. It’s a beautiful space with the sort of acoustic I’ve been enjoying working with whilst busking.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the Kickstarter too. It handsomely exceeded its target, and the sale of the Hastings fiddle means I can donate a decent sum of money to ‘Surviving the Streets’, a Hastings based homelessness charity. I intend to use the success of this project to support further such causes as it goes forward.

I’ll also be out and about making field recordings in the next few weeks. If anybody is in Redcar next Wednesday afternoon, I intend to be staking out the level crossing for a recording of the once-daily steel train leaving Skinningrove, feel free to join me.

Everything seems to be going very well. I’m convinced there must be some massive obstacle just around the corner that I haven’t spotted.. I’ll now spend the rest of the weekend trying to figure out how to add the Arts Council logo to my website.



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