The finished product,

..and what’s next.

A big thank you to everyone who has followed the Busk England blog and supported me as I’ve gone around the country, meeting people, making friends, learning, watching, playing music.

This has finally all coalesced into a book and an album. I chose ‘Seasons of Change’ as my title, a suggestion from my writing guru, Paul Sullivan. I could not have known how prescient the title would prove to be. Perhaps I caught the very end of an era that will now pass into history.

The book has been published by Scratching Shed, a publisher based in Leeds who specialise in Rugby League and travel writing, a match made in heaven!

The album was written and arranged in London at Cecil Sharp House, as part of a residential bursary awarded by the EFDSS. It was a wonderful creative week. We recorded it in splendid isolation at Dane Bridge Chapel in the Staffordshire peaks in December. It’s a duo album between myself and Marit Fält. Brilliantly recorded by Jon Loomes of Talking Cat studios, it captures the perfect ring of the room and the glorious acoustics I’ve been enjoying in our high streets.

You can listen to it here.

Seasons of Change

You can order the book and CD here.

There was to be a fairly substantial tour to support this. We are currently cancelling or postponing dates further and further into the future. I hope to reschedule as many as possible, but the outlook for live performance is so bleak I have not attempted to do so yet.

If you have enjoyed this project and can afford to do so, please consider a book and a CD. I will be splitting what we make between myself and Marit, who has lost her income too.

If money is tight, all these blogs will still be here, and I’ll be putting the album on streaming services soon. I hope to start a free ‘Book at Bedtime’ live video cast reading a chapter each evening in a week or so. I have other plans afoot too, including a podcast of the successful Autumn show at Guide Bridge theatre.

I intend to continue to blog, although the lockdown means I will be searching for new subjects. Feel free to suggest!

Thanks again for the support, and check back for new blogs soon.



Thanks for taking the time to read this. My ‘Busk England’ project has been funded by what I made as I traveled round. If you’ve enjoyed it, and would like to support me as I carry my writing work on, please consider making a paypal tip to or through the button in the archive – link here.

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Treat it as you would a busker — a few coins in the hat all add up. 🙂

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