News and Summer Sale

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately, returning to life on land and up North. I managed to write over 75,000 words of drafts over the winter, only a third of which made it onto the blog. It was hard to live life that fast and document it in real time!

I’m now getting into the business of organising this all into some sort of sense, as well as making sure my historic research is as good as can be. I’m starting to put together a tour for next spring, aiming for 20 shows with Marit, so that sets me a deadline for the book and album that will come from this. If you’d like us to perform near you, get in touch with venue suggestions and we’ll approach them.

As I head into the quieter period of putting all this together, I’ve decided to have a sale of various merchandise items to raise a bit of income as I write the manuscript, as well as reduce the canyon of cardboard I appear to live in now.

Pretty much every album I’ve made is on sale in the link below, plus both my books. The Seasons of Change book is now back in stock, having been reprinted. I’m also selling the final few copies of ‘Rushes’, my debut album with Gren Bartley from 2007 and the last few copies of ‘Wayside Courtesies’, Pilgrims’ Way’s award winning first album from 2011. Neither of these will ever be repressed, so it’s now or never if you want one!

If you’re missing some combination of items that I haven’t specifically listed, please get in touch and we’ll sort a special sale out. I’ll spotlight some of the specific items in the sale on my dacebook page over the next week or so.

Thank you again for your continued support. I really appreciate it. I’ll continue to add things to the blog as I work, although it may only be about once a month from here.

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